Google Tools Could Help Organize Your Blog

Google recently updated everyone on a new “GQueues” that is an interesting way to keep up with tasks with your team. More than a way to just update your Calendar – this lets you set up tasks, and subtasks.

Because it can be integrated and shared with others, there are some unique uses for Real Estate Agents who are developing their online presence, or working with a web development team.

While it is a little buggy according to many in the mobile version – there is a way you might be able to really use this tool with your blogging. First watch the video – then let’s think about the blogging idea…

So think about this – if you have a team, and everyone is contributing to the blog, you can assign tasks, and make notes. You can also share this with your website designer… OR if you put original content on Activerain, and Trulia and your website – how do you keep up with what you’ve written about in the BIG Scheme of things? What if you added each blog post that you’ve written “outside” of your personal site in Gqueues?

I think this is a great organizational tool! If you have questions about your creating leads from your real estate blog, or how to get your Listing seen by more eyeballs – call Josh Harley, Fathom Realty, 214-228-0301. I”d love to help you, and learn more about what’s working in your market! Are you on Facebook and Twitter? Let’s Connect!

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